Young Author Best Paper Award

During the IIPhDW 2018 the Young Author Best Paper Contest will be organized, to honour an excellent paper presented at the workshop, which is distinguished by its originality, importance of the topic and quality of presentation. Selection of the award winner will be based on the reviews of the paper, comprising both the content and its delivery during Workshop. The contest winner will receive the valuable financial reward.

Terms and conditions

  • To participate in the contest, the Author must express his desire by indicating the appropriate option in the registration form.
  • The Participant has to be a PhD student.
  • The Participant has to be the only or first Author ot the submitted paper.
  • Only one paper per participant can be submitted to the Contest.
  • The papers will be preselected to the Contest before the conference, taking into account the quality and content.
  • Eventually the winners will be selected during the special sessions. The Award Committee will consider also the quality of the presentation.
  • Main financial awards will be granted to the best Authors of papers presented in the oral and poster sessions.